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pregnancy symptoms


What are the pregnancy symptoms? More often than not, when a woman misses her period, that's about the first time that she realizes that she may be pregnant. However, there are many other symptoms that are occurring that you may dismiss as not having anything to do with pregnancy because they can be explained in a number of different ways. If you have a good understanding of your body, then you may think twice when you undergo and experience a few of these common pregnancy symptoms.

  • •  Slight bleeding and cramping - Around 6-12 days after the embryo implants itself onto the uterine wall, you may experience some spotting and bleeding which cannot be attributed to menstruation or caused by your birth control pill. The cramping is what you feel when the embryo implants itself and the slight bleeding is a result of that process.
  • •  Missed period - There may be other reasons why you missed a period, especially when your period comes regularly. Stress and fatigue may be factors to the delay in your menstruation. However, if you havenít had any stressful events lately and if you count back and see that you had a sexual encounter, then it may account for the missed period.
  • •  Swollen or tender breasts - Most women experience swollen or tender breasts as part of their Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms. It usually disappears once you start menstruating. However, if you experience swollen or tender breasts and you havenít experienced your period yet, then together, these two symptoms may be pointing at a pregnancy conclusion.
  • •  Unusual food cravings - Some women do experience food cravings during their menstrual cycle. What may strike you as odd though is when you crave foods that you normally wouldnít want to eat. If you used to like hamburgers, this time, just the smell of it may turn you off. If you used to dislike tofu, this time, you may be craving it every single day.
  • •  Nausea/morning sickness - This is actually the2nd most common pregnancy symptom of all. When women start feeling nausea that canít be explained away by food poisoning or the flu, itís highly probable that you are pregnant. Though it may be called morning sickness, some people experience feeling queasy at any time of the day. Some may even have a harder time with it while some may not experience it at all. It all depends on the woman.
  • •   Frequent urination - Another sign of impending pregnancy is when you find yourself spending more time going to the bathroom for no particular reason at all.

There is no other fool proof way to knowing if you are pregnant or not except through a pregnancy test and a visit to the doctor where theyíll do some lab work to confirm your pregnancy. It is good if you can immediately identify the pregnancy symptoms you are experiencing which means you can no longer waste time caring for your baby. If you are experiencing any or some of the symptoms and you know for a fact that you had a previous sexual encounter to account for the possibility, get your confirmation as soon as possible so you also donít need to worry about the results.